At HIBB Electrical we specialise in Commercial, Office, Warehouse and Industrial Lighting efficiency. With a typical payback period of under 2 years, the service literally pays for itself.

Save up 80% on your power bills! No new light fittings or ballasts required, we replace your current fluoro tubes with ultra efficient 4th generation LED tubes.

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The Problem?

Typical fluoro tubes installed in offices, warehouses and factories are now outdated and inefficient. Not only do they consume lots of energy to produce light, they also emit large amounts of heat in the process. This heat then makes your air conditioning system work harder wasting further energy! With energy prices guaranteed to rise continuously, energy wastage will cost more and more.


Our Solution!

The LED tubes we install consume 58% less energy, emit much less heat and produce a light far closer to natural daylight. Furthermore, you will save on ongoing maintenance costs due to a 16 year life span of our LED Tubes – more than three times that of current fluorescent tube technology.


Extra Benefits:

In addition to the cost savings, when we retrofit your light fittings you –

  1. Reduce your carbon footprint
    • Less wasted energy
    • No production of new fittings
    • Less globe replacements
  2. Reduce exposure to hazardous substances
    • No cutting asbestos
    • No removing lead paint
    • No replastering


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